Saturday, January 17, 2009


Steve Marquis of wrote:

Fellow patriots and front line soldiers, I am emailing this request for urgent help to all my attorney friends.

Carol Greenberg was one of the 1st citizens to knock on the door of justice regarding the Obama non-citizenship issue. She is a fearless patriot and now she needs our help. A judge tossed her case out on muteness and standing - issues we have all been dealing with, but that skumbag judge decided to blow off the constitution, treat this like a civil action, stabbing her in the back on the way out the door to discourage her and any other citizen from ever filing again.

This unconscionable action by Judge Robert Pollex cannot be allowed to stand. The constitution declares a right of it's citizens to petition the government for redress of grievance. If the full weight of the government can be brought down on the shoulders of any citizen demanding redress we are doomed. It is one thing to assess attorney fees to parties suing each other but to use that power against citizens will be a shot at the heart of our constitution.

We must rally to Carol's support and find an appropriate attorney to help put the cabash on this affront to our republic.

Your legal suggestions and help in finding a pro-bono attorney to fight the battle in Ohio is needed. This =s a salvo against all of us, but Carol will bare the brunt of this if it is allowed to stand. If this new tactic against us succeeds it will place a wet =lanket on all further legal efforts. It looks like a small footnote but this =s a shot to be heard around the world.

Steve Marquis

Carol Greenberg Is Attacked by Ohio SOS Jennifer Brunner

From: Carol Greenberg
Date: Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 3:31 PM
Subject: SoS Jennifer Brunner Ohio

Guess what guys!

Jennifer Brunner got a judgment against me for court costs in my SoS suit. Don't know what to do.....Probably thousands of dollars. Any advice? Am about ready to cry.

Carol Greenberg